10 Amazing Tips on How to Wash Your Leather Jacket.

Leather is one of the fabrics which you can’t just throw in the washing machine to clean it. Leather is one of the strongest yet the most delicate fabric when it comes to washing it. Leather is basically a fabric made with a variety of skin types of animals.

Leather can be made from sheepskin, goatskin, buffalo skin, cowhide and can also be made from snakeskin or alligator skin. Leather is one of the most commonly used fabrics for exotic uses. As amazing as leather is, it is extremely hard to wash leather. You need to be extra careful when you are washing leather since if you wash it in the wrong way, it is going to leave marks on it and can also damage the jacket that you are washing. Here are some important tips that will help you wash your leather jackets in the future.

Tip No. 01.

Rachel Yatuzis is a YouTuber and a professional house cleaner in Nashville Town. In her YouTube video, she explained how to wash a leather jacket without harming the cloth or leaving stains and on it.

The ingredients are;

  1. A bowl of water –room temperature.
  2. Mild soap.
  3. A towel cloth – preferably new.

Start with the room temperature water, add some mild soap in it (a small quantity of soap) and mix it with your finger, this way you won’t get too many bubbles. Another alternative for mild soap is baby shampoo or baby soap, it is one of the best mild soaps you can use for cleaning your leather jacket. Dip the piece of towel cloth in the water and gently dab on the stains on the jacket.

Gently dab the wet towel on the stain and then dab the dry part of the towel on the leather jacket and see the stain vanishing away. Apply some of the leather conditioners on your leather jacket at the end of the process in order for it to stay fresh even after the wash. In the end, hang your leather jacket somewhere, not right below the sun but somewhere it can get sunlight and get dry naturally. The link to the amazing tutorial on how to clean your leather jacket is mentioned below.

Tip No. 02.

This tip is given by Bruce Gershon. Bruce is the third owner of Arrow Leathercare, established in 1914. Bruce states that he has been working with leather for a long time and he knows that cleaning leather is one of the most difficult parts of owning a leather jacket. According to the video, the ingredients we need to clean a leather jacket are;

  1. A baby wipe.
  2. A fine leather lotion.
  3. A towel cloth.
  4. Thinner.

According to the video, the first thing you have to do is to clean the exterior of the jacket with a baby wipe. The next step is to clean the jacket with the towel cloth which has some of the fine leather lotions on it. In case, there are any hard stains like ink or paint, use a thinner on the cloth instead of a leather lotion. Finally, use some leather conditioner to make it look and feel fresh.

Tip No. 03.

Another tip that is very vital to help you clean your leather jacket is shown by this YouTube channel Frolic Smile. The ingredients used to clean your leather jacket are;

  1. A cotton towel
  2. 50 mm brush
  3. White Petrol (white solvent)

Pour the white petrol in a bowl. Dip the cotton cloth in the petrol and gently move your hand on the leather jacket. Since, white petrol fades away very quickly, make sure to pour a small amount at a time. White petrol helps clean the dust and dirt on the jacket. Now dip the brush in the white solvent and move the brush on the inside of the jacket to clean it. When you are done cleaning your jacket from the outside as well as inside, hang the jacket to dry.

Tip No. 04.

In this video by the YouTube channel Meurice Garment Care, tells us how to clean a painted leather jacket at home. The ingredients we need to clean this are;

  1. Baby wipes
  2. A brush with bristles.

In the video, it is clearly told to use a baby wipe to clean any kind of food or liquid stains on the leather jacket. For instance, a mustard stain can easily be wiped off with a baby wipe. On the other hand, dust or any other dirt which has been on the jacket for long can be brushed away with a brush as shown in the video.

Tip No. 05.

A leather jacket is a strong yet delicate fabric when it comes to washing it. The ingredients we need to wash a leather jacket are;

  1. Water
  2. Leather cleaner
  3. Cotton cloth
  4. A soft brush

This video shows to first set your leather jacket on a flat surface. Spray the leather cleaner on the cotton cloth and wipe the cloth on the stains on the leather jacket. If you notice the stains not coming out, use the leather cleaner directly on the jacket and use your soft brush to wipe the stains off. Follow this process on your entire leather jacket and end the process with a professional leather conditioner and wiping it on the leather jacket with a cotton cloth.

Tip No. 06.

Another easy hack to clean your leather jacket is given by Hawto Creators. The ingredients used to clean leather jackets in this video are;

  1. Spray bottle
  2. Shampoo
  3. Cotton cloth

Pour a little amount of shampoo in the spray bottle along with some water. Mix it well. Spray the solution on the exterior of the leather jacket. Wipe the solution off from the leather jacket using a cotton cloth. Repeat the steps on the back of the jacket and wipe off the solution from the back. After you are done wiping, hang the leather jacket somewhere in the room temperature and let it dry naturally.

Tip No. 07.

Another video link that tells us amazing hacks on how to wash your leather jacket at home is mentioned below. The ingredients we need to follow this video are;

  1. Warm Water
  2. Washing Powder

This video tells us to start by putting warm water in the sink and then adding some of the washing powder in the water. The next step is to keep your leather jacket inside out and to put it in the sink. Wash the jacket with your hands for a while and add some detergent during the process of cleaning it. After you are done cleaning it, hang the leather jacket under the sun so it can dry out nicely.

Tip No. 08.

The video tells us basic steps to clean your leather jackets at home. The ingredients we need are;

  1. Hand soap
  2. Olive oil
  3. Soft clean rags
  4. Water

The first step is to dampen the rag and apply some soap on it. Remember to squeeze the cloth in order to get rid of the excess water. Gently rub the cloth on the leather jacket and see the stains removing. Get another dry cloth and wipe the soap and water residue from the jacket. Let the jacket dry naturally and then put a little olive oil on the cloth and rub it on the jacket to condition it.

Tip No. 08.

One perfect way to clean your leather jacket is mentioned in the video link given below. The ingredients you need are;

  1. Lexol – leather deep cleaner
  2. Lexol – leather deep conditioner
  3. Cleaning cloth
  4. Water

Use the process only on finished leather. Apply the Lexol deep cleaner directly on the leather with your hand. Wipe your hand all over the jacket to make it even. Next, take a cloth and damp in the water and clean off the cleaner from the jacket. Grab a dry cloth and wipe it off the jacket. Use the Lexol conditioner and repeat the process with the leather conditioner. Lastly, buff the cleaning cloth after wiping off the conditioner. Let it dry naturally after the process.

Tip No. 09.

Another amazing hack to clean the leather jacket at home requires ingredients which are;

  1. Leather cleaner
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Cleaning cloth
  4. Oil and vinegar

Damp the cloth in oil and rub over the stains carefully. Next, take another cloth and rub it over the stains as the stains fade away this time. Mix the oil and vinegar together on a cloth and gently wipe off the places of stains with the cloth. This will act as a conditioner to your leather jacket. You can also use a leather cleaner instead of oil and vinegar separately.

Tip No. 10.

Another amazing hack of cleaning your leather jacket at home requires ingredients;

  1. Mild soap.
  2. Spray bottle.
  3. Toothbrush.
  4. Water.
  5. Cleaning cloth.

Mix the mild soap and water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the leather jacket and simultaneously rub the jacket with the toothbrush. This will create bubbles on the jacket. Wipe the bubbles off the jacket with a cleaning cloth. Do this process all over the jacket and clean it with a cleaning cloth. Let the jacket dry naturally on a hanger.