10 tips to make your leather jacket last longer

10 tips to make your leather jacket last longer

The leather jacket is not only attire that you purchase, in fact; it is an investment that you make for a lifetime. Leather jackets were initially introduced during World War II, for the military pilots. These jackets were designed to comfort fighter pilots with warmth as they used to fly on high altitudes during the war. The leather jackets are embedded with attitude and strength.

Later on, the evolution of the fashion industry adapted the idea of leather jackets and the sole purpose of crafting your personality with charm and elegance. The leather jackets have been trending in the industry, with a military look to serve with. When it comes to an outfit that could never fail to impress, leather jackets are what comes at the top of the list. Leather jackets have been advertised by celebrities and have now become fashion apparel that none can resist.

Leather jacket – a go-to outfit

A leather jacket has been versatile and vital apparel for both men and women. These leather jackets can totally transform your personality into charming and attractive. Leather jackets have always been a sign of royalty and luxury, no matter the sex; it is what people have been attiring in to flaunt their charming selves. Investing in a leather jacket means to own attire that could be your go-to outfit for more than a decade.

Like every other product, leather jackets require care and maintenance as well. If you ought to buy a genuine leather jacket, well let’s be honest, it would cost you real big bucks but it’s totally worth it! If you maintain your leather jacket with appropriate care and basic guidelines, then you can make it last longer than you could ever think.

10 tips to make your leather jacket last longer

Here we are, with 10 tips to make your leather jacket last longer and maintain the charming and vibrant look of genuine leather even after years. Give the following a thorough read and make your leather jacket last longer:

1.      Use the brush to clean dust particles

As you wear a leather jacket, there is a good chance that it might be infested with dust particles. Instead of washing your leather jacket every time you wear it, use a brush to wipe off the dust particles. There are various brushes designed for leather jackets, they have a smooth brush to roll over your leather jacket with the purpose of removing tiny dust particles and making your leather back as new again. Avoid washing your leather jacket, as it may lower the quality of the leather.

2.      Apply leather conditioners

Cleaning your leather jacket and maintaining the look of genuine leather is essential if you want to make it last longer. Cleaning a leather jacket is not only limited to brushes. Leather conditioners help in keeping your leather jacket soft and supple with the shine that it originally had. You can clean off your leather jacket with a dry piece of cloth to get rid of excessive dust particles, furthermore, apply a leather conditioner on your leather jacket adequately. This will help your leather jacket to retain its moisture.

3.      Keep your leather jacket away from heat

Leather goods are vulnerable to heat, which means that heat can ruin the material of your leather jackets and ruin the original texture of your attire. Whenever you hang your leather jacket to dry, do not hang it in a place where direct sunlight can hit the surface of your leather jacket. Additionally, do not iron your leather jacket to remove the wrinkles. Any heating equipment close to your leather jacket can cause damage to the external shell of your leather jacket.

4.      Do not let your leather jacket stay wet

Leather jackets must not be left wet. Water can damage leather and can affect the fabric. Avoid getting your leather jacket wet, but in case it gets wet, do not use the dryer machine to make it dry. Hang it on a hanger in a place where direct sunlight cannot have access.

5.      Hang your leather jacket

Storing your leather jacket is one of the main factors which depend on extending the life of your leather jacket. If you store the leather jacket in a packed bag, it may cause wrinkles or cuts in the fabric. Store your leather jacket while being hanged on a plastic hanger in the wardrobe. By folding the leather jacket and placing it in a pile of clothes will only cause more wrinkles to the leather jacket.

6.      Don’t let the stains settle on your leather jacket

Since you wear your leather jacket all the time, it may get stains as well. To remove stains from your leather jacket, you can follow several tips. It is suggested to remove the stains right away, because if you let it rest in the fabric, it may become more difficult to remove them later. You can act smart by keeping a piece of fine cloth with you so that you can wipe away the stains from your leather jacket right away. To get rid of severe stains, you can mix water with lemon and baking soda, rub it on the stain and leave it overnight. Rub the stain with a cloth and wash it off. Do not wash your leather jacket in the washing machine.

7.      Do not wash your leather jacket in the washing machine

Never wash your leather jacket in the washing machine, as leather jackets are vulnerable to water. Washing your leather jacket in the machine may be getting harsh to the fabric and can cause damage to the outer shell of your leather jacket. Excessive water will make your leather jacket all soaked up and the water would make your leather jacket rigid. The quality of your leather jacket will be affected as you wash in the machine. Always wipe off the stains with a piece of cloth.

8.      Dry it naturally instead of using dryers

Dryers can harm the material of leather goods. Instead of using dryers to dry your leather jacket, it is suggested to let your leather jacket dry naturally. Hang it on a plastic hanger and place it in an open area where direct sunlight cannot hit your leather jacket. Heat can damage your leather jacket and cause to affect the quality of the attire.

9.      Keep a check on your leather jacket

Do not forget about your leather jacket once you store it in the closet. It is suggested to keep a check on your leather jacket once in every six months. It would be even better if you get your leather jacket cleaned after every two to three months. Check for any stain or dirt particles, and clean your leather jacket in order to make it last longer.

10.  Do not suffocate your leather jacket in the wardrobe

As you hang your leather jacket along with other clothing in the wardrobe, there is a good chance that your leather jacket might get suffocated. If you have packed it in a plastic bag, remove it right away and hang it on a plastic hanger. Do not rush your leather jacket with other suits and heavy clothing. Your leather jacket might get suffocated with other clothing, so it is preferred to hang your leather jacket in a place where it can be freely hanged.


A leather jacket is an investment that could last for a decade or even more if it is properly maintained. We believe that the above-mentioned tips have been beneficial to you in making your leather jacket last longer. Take good care of your leather jacket and follow the basic guidelines, to have a bad-ass outfit for a good time! Let the luxurious attire bring out the best of you!

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