10 top themes for Halloween parties

Halloween has always been an excuse for the kids and adults to act crazy without being judged. The joyous occasion of Halloween is all about getting dressed up weirdly and having big meals with lots of laughter! This is the opportunity of being whoever you want to be and being adored for it.

Halloween parties are today’s custom, where people get dressed up according to the theme and spend a lively night with their dear ones. Halloween party theme can be any crazy idea that pops up in your mind – from the Fairytale theme to a Scary spooky theme. If you are planning to throw a Halloween party this year, then the following Halloween party themes can be of your interest. Check out the following and get over with picking up the theme for your Halloween party:

1.   WillyWonka theme

As Halloween is all about trick or treat with candies – how about throwing a Willy Wonka themed Halloween party? You can send the invitations to your guests with candies inside or the invitation can look like the Chocolate Factory winning ticket! Decorate your place with colors, candies and sweet stations. The big purple top hat can be the decorative item to embrace the theme.

2.   Haunted House theme

As spooky Halloween has been since always, you can go with a Haunted House theme and embrace the feel of the occasion. Planning up a Haunted House theme isn’t hard. All you need is some white sheets to cover your furniture with, some old cloths to hang up as some dead guests, some fake spiders placed around the place and a dusty look. Don’t forget to ask your guests to dress up in ghostly costumes.

3.   Murder Mystery theme

If your guest list includes kids as well, theme Murder Mystery theme is what you need to go with. Be creative and vast your imagination to create a murder mystery. Develop clues that will lead up to the murderer. Pull in your guests into the plot slowly and make them feel like being the next victim. Do ask your guests to choose specific costumes.

4.   Freak Show theme

Instead of having a sophisticated Halloween party, be a freak! This year, let your place be turned into a circus or a freak show with the most entertaining theme. You can decorate your place with circus decorations and ask your guests to dress up as freaks – odd costumes, ugly makeup, tattoos and maybe some piercing. You can also host a contest and the one with the freakiest costume wins!

5.   Superhero theme

Superhero theme has been one of the most common and attention winning themes. Let your guests know that you are playing with the Superhero theme this year and watch the entire cast of Marvel and DC Comics at your place. You can get customized cupcakes with Superhero logos on it. Watch people wearing capes, masks and pretending to the superheroes that they have been adoring since always.

6.   Alice in Wonderland

Are you planning to arrange a Halloween party for your kids and their friends this year? Well, think no more because Alice in Wonderland is the theme that suits you the best. Arrange a happy tea-party at your place, let your daughter be dressed as Alice and get the White Rabbit Costume for your son.Decorate the table with raspberry filled heart shaped tarts, cookies and cat’s smile cake. All the cute little guests can dress accordingly and cherish the beautiful story of Alice in Wonderland.

7.   Hollywood theme

Let this Halloween party be about glam and glitz. Ensure to match your invitations with your theme – golden colored invitations with a glossy surface and fancy looks can be perfect! Dress up as your favorite movie character or actor from Hollywood. Let your place look dominant with sophisticated decoration and menu. You can get some fake trophies and awards to decorate your place with.

8.   Harry Porter theme

Who doesn’t like the Harry Porter theme for Halloween, eh? You can hire a double decker bus and decorate it with cobwebs and leaves. You can place Harry Porter themed objects such as broomsticks, magic wands, cauldrons, sorting hat and golden snitches. The invitation can be of Marauder’s Map that shows direction to the place where the party is being held.

9.   Pirates theme

Make this year’s Halloween party spookier than ever before! You can send out invitations with X marks the spot treasure maps. Let your place be decorated with a flag and treasure boxes. Dress up as a pirate and get hold onto an eye patch, tattoos and bandanas. Serve chocolate coins with faux jewels beside. Fish sticks, biscuits, punch and pirate stew (salmagundi) can be the exclusive menu.

10.  Zombies theme

Since World War Z and Zombieland have been adored by the audience, Zombies theme has been a good idea for a Halloween party theme. You can paint your front door with bloody handprints and plastic body parts. Decorate your place with a mess and dress up as a dead human for the party. Finger foods, toxic drinks and gelatin brain molds can be the menu for the party. Don’t forget to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller!


Since a Halloween party is nothing without a legit theme, this article is to make sure that you find out the perfect theme for your Halloween party! Let this year be a memorable one with a mesmerizing theme and unconditional laughter! Happy Halloween!

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