Abbraci is a one stop destination for superhero, games, movies, TV series, and pop culture inspired leather accessories and merchandise. We are build to provide trendy and luxury lifestyle for exceptional value. Our Target is to build a heaven for those nerds and geeks who are obsessed with the clothing style of their icons.

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Abbraci is one of the top ranked and highly reputable online Pop-culture clothing brand that includes jackets hoodies and T-shirts. Our creative craftsmanship shows our riveting artistry with which we manufacture outfits and gives entrancing outwears to dominate your style in the party.

We started our ensemble endeavor in January 2018 in partnership With USA Jacket and Black Leather Jacket. As we know partnering up with these two giants will give us the impetus to produce fine quality leather outfits which could imitate profound riveting style. So we started out our venture from there and today we are confined up on that level where we have made a name for ourselves in producing quality prolific attires in the market.

On our store, you will find variety of outfits range including branded designed leather jackets, good for winter and spring trench coats and formal outfits like suits, tuxedos and blazers. Except of these categories, you will find pop-culture, celebrities, movies, TV series and gaming inspired outfits like hoodies and T-shirts that are available for Men and Women.

We use variety of materials for the making of our products. Mostly, we use Genuine Leather material like sheepskin, cowhide, goat skin and much more, but we also have variety of products in suede leather, faux leather, cotton fabric, wool blend material, satin fabric and many more. For the inside of our product we prefer using viscose lining mostly but to make our jacket warm enough to beat the breezing air of winter we use faux shearling or real shearling lining with specific two inside pockets.

We are located in the Baton Rouge city of region Los Angeles, United States.

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Explore Abbraci

Explore Abbraci