Where is Abbraci Store located?

Abbraci is a US based online store, providing customers with top quality jackets fused with topnotch craftsmanship detailing. It doesn’t matter where you reside because Abbraci is a global trademark. We have a good friendly customer circle already satisfied with our brand. Abbraci and its treasured shoppers – we accomplish together.

Can I order a designer jacket according to my requests?

Yes of course, Abbraci loves to create jacket for customers longing dress desires. We also appreciate our customers’ designer jackets by placing them along with our online website products. Our team always aspires to create something different and decorative for our consumers.

Is Free Shipping global or for limited countries?

Abbraci serves exclusive jackets to its valued customers throughout the world. However, abiding to international laws, we do not ship our top quality products to OFAC countries and Israel. Yes, we ship to Brazil, Sweden, Virgin Islands, Slovenia, Japan and Russia, but with a shipping charges surplus.

I’m craving for a jacket at your store, but unsure if it would fit me?

Try going through our leather outfit standardized size charts to know your right measurements. If you’re discontent with the mentioned size graph, you can check the ‘custom’ option and leave us a message in the comment box below. You can email us as well and we would love to guide towards your correct fitting at sales@abbraci.com.

The prescribed size chart doesn’t show my size, so can I get myself a custom fit?

Yes, definitely. Select the ‘custom’ option from the size’s drop down menu at the product page and place your order. You can also leave your measure details at the comment section OR email them as a second size reference at sales@abbraci.com. Remember, body measurements include chest size, waist size, height and weight.

If I order a coat with a flawless fit measure. How much time would it take to process?

Yes, you can order outfit measurements in accordance to your best fitting. We’ll check the sizing proposals in conjunction with our craftsmanship expertise to give you the best appropriate wear to your bodies. Keeping you satisfied with the best fit is one of our major concerns. For more queries relating to this, email us at sales@abbraci.com

If I’m ordering jacket/coat in bulks. Would I get any discount for the multiple buys?

Yes, if you’re ordering more than 5 or more jackets at once within an order. Also, if you’re taking in several outfits for a specific event such as Comic Con or Halloweens. Do try suggesting us before ordering such orders at sales@abbraci.com

Does Free Shipping applies to all countries?

Yes, the shipping is free worldwide from our side, except your country’s customs duties policy charges which you’re obliged to pay.

Will my package bag be charged with customs and import fees?

The answer to this question exclusively varies from country to country due to different customs policies and import duties. You may need to submit this query to your local customs office for a much better understanding in accordance to laws set for shipping. But in most cases, customs and import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination.

What steps should I take if I receive a faulty order?

Abbraci take prompt steps against any faulty items. You can send us the following details:

  • The order number.
  • The defective item’s name and order ID.
  • Snap a picture of the jacket you received clearly displaying the defect in the jacket.
  • Send it to our customer representative.

Our company’s CSR team would contact you within 24 hours to replace your required order as quick as possible.

Is the craftsmanship needlework satisfactory at Abbraci?

Our needlepoint craftsmanship comprises highly trained and skillful workers with a full jacket making know-how. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with global garment constructing standards.

How soon will I receive my tracking number?

It will take about 24 hours to get your order status tracking number updated.

Why should we prefer Abbraci jackets over Amazon outfits?

Abbraci offer you products as picture depicted and illustrated. We assure correct detailing to the products you see on our website. For more of your acquaintance with Abbraci, don’t forget to read answers for questions mentioned below. Our outfit expertise include:

  • Custom Designed Leather Jackets that you won’t find anywhere.
  • Trench Coats
  • Winter Jackets
What is the payment process for the jacket I need?

Abbraci uses SSL for its customers and accepts payments from almost all Credit Cards, PayPal and Discover. However, cheque payment is not accepted.

Is my money refundable if the jacket doesn’t fits me properly?

At all costs, for your money or for the product we’re selling, we ensure satisfactory customer experiences alongside offering you best quality outfit. In case, you’re not satisfied with its shape and size, there is a 30 days exchange policy with a full refund or exchange of the item. We double check to assure you get the best deals from us.

How long would it take the jacket to reach my doorsteps?

The product’s processing takes up to 10-14 working days in normal circumstances. About 6-8 days in pattern designing, while remaining days encompass cutting and jacket craftsmanship. Lastly, the order is dispatched to reach you ASAP.

How long would it take for my custom orders to be processed?

Your custom orders take up to 30 business days approx., to ship your order.

What is the minimum jacket count I can order?

You can order jackets as much as you like. We pay our valued customers with sound quality outfits within date-time frames.

Can I get different color variations for a jacket?

Absolutely. You can order for your favorite color instead of getting in the color shown on the website.

What is the inner lining for outfits here?

Mostly, satin/ viscose lining is used for outfits.

Can I track my order after shipping?

Sure. You can track your order as soon as it gets dispatches from our wearhouse. Our delivery sector will send you an email following all the transport data alongside your order ID.

How to know the status of my order?

We always send an Order ID as soon as possible with your online buy. Status updates take approx 24-30 hours.

My payment wasn’t accepted. What can I do?

Your cash amount could be declined due to an incorrect billing address or phone number. Besides, check your credit card limit which might’ve reached its daily or total operative capacity. Try cutting out card spending or try a new card with higher card limit volume. Do check your credit/debit card expiration dates together with any typing error for your digitized numeral code.

The PayPal customers should ensure their accounts aren’t out of funds if they’re using this highly secured payment method.

What is the difference between Faux/ PU and genuine/ real leather?

Faux/PU leather are leather replicas based on high quality fabric materials to give you a genuine leather impact. This is solely a manmade leather construction treated with wax, dye, polyurethane or any other substance. The feels and looks are equivalent to the real leather but it’s not an authenticated or long-lasting outfit at all. This means it is much cheaper to buy but with low quality standards.

Genuine/ Real leather are rawhides originating from animal skin. The jackets/coats/vests made out of this leather type is much costly because it’s the real deal.

What should I do if my delivery time gets delayed?

Your tracking link will provide you with all your order status updates. If your estimated delivery date has passed and you haven’t received your package yet, feel free to contact us at sales@abbraci.com.