Rise of Leather Jacket and Reasons behind Their Success

Rise of Leather Jacket and Reasons behind Their Success.

We understand the concept of leather jackets pretty vaguely. We think of leather jackets as something which would make us look dope when we wear them. On the contrary, this isn’t what the actual purpose of the leather jacket is. Leather jackets are distinctly designed as per the cultures. Leather jackets aren’t just an upper for your apparel; it is a distinction as well as an identity. There is an entire history that starts the journey of leather jackets in the world. It hasn’t been known to the public but real leather lovers do realize that it is just not a way to dress up rather, it is an identity in itself. Leather jackets have been in fashion for a long time and they are still in fashion.

History of Leather Jackets.

When the year 1900 begins the pilots of the air army of the United States used to wear leather jackets which were, at that time known as the bomber jackets. Why they wore such leather jackets was pretty obvious. They had to wear these jackets so it could protect the pilots from the weather conditions and the exposure of the dangerous weather to them. Leather jackets were made in order to protect them from climate damages whilst they were in the air.

After the idea of bomber or leather jackets, the first leather jacket for the public was made in the year 1925. These jackets were initially made for the protection of people from climate even down on the ground but soon it became a symbol of luxury and coolness.

Raw Material.

Material Leather is one of the most comfortable of all. The raw material is usually made up of either the skin of sheep, goat or cowhides. The skin of these animals is then kept in the refrigerator sprinkled on with salt. The sprinkled skin is then crammed in barrels along with brine to prevent them from rotting. The next destination of these skins is to the tannery in order to soften them. These are then dyed different colors to make it look attractive and then are modified in different designs to make sure to be loved by the users. Other accessories like buttons, lining, zippers, etc are attached to it to make it look desirable.

Success Story of Leather Jackets.

The success story of leather jackets started by the mid of the 1990s when it was constantly worn by the iconic stars and celebrities. The success of these leather jackets was done by the stars in the 1940s and 1950s. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the leather jackets was Jimmy Stewart who wore a leather jacket in a very successful movie named ‘Night Passage’ in the year 1957. Another loved and admired actor Harrison Ford wore a leather jacket in the movie ‘Indiana Jones’.

In this way, leather jackets became popular in the public. Johnny Strabler wore the first Motorcycle leather jacket in the movie ‘The Wild One’. Michael Pare wore a leather jacket in ‘Eddie and the cruiser’ and Honor Blackman wore it in ‘The Avengers’. After this amazing use of leather jackets, it became very popular in the American as well as British culture. In the popular movie Top Gun, Tom Cruise wore a famous leather jacket which was adored by the public and that particular leather jacket is still in fashion and it has really been decades.

Ramones, a band in its time was the first one to introduce biker jackets to the world. Their unique style was called Punk Fashion. The biker jackets were a trademark of heavy sub-culture musicians.

Safety Purposes.

Apart from the amazing looks of the leather jackets, these are also used to make sure to protect the ones who wear them from different hazards. For instance, biker leather jackets protect bikers from different issues whilst driving which includes dirt, inferior weather conditions and work as safety gear. As these leather jackets are something that indicates toughness and rough attitude, they are likely to be as safety gear.

These leather jackets make sure to work for both beauty purposes as well as safety purposes. The main purpose of a leather jacket is to make sure to act as a safety gear but at the same time, its iconic appearance makes the public eager to wear it just because it looks good. Leather jackets which are being produced nowadays are made in a sense that suits both safeties as well as fashion purposes. Everyone can wear leather jackets. May it be for biking, racing, trekking, hunting or your random winter walks!

Just like in the 1900s, leather jackets make sure to protect the one who wears it by having a thicker material and a rough look. These leather jackets suit everyone regardless of age, gender or looks.


Leather jackets have had a popular success story. It wouldn’t have been so successful if popular identities haven’t had played a role in promoting them. These leather jackets make sure to protect the owner as well as make sure to give you that rough and bold look when you step out of the house.

The unique material of leather jackets makes sure to keep the one who wears it comfortable and content. The success story of leather jackets has been common among the users of leather jackets. Leather jackets have been in the world for a century and are still going strong and good. People prefer leather jackets in every weather.

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