The ultimate guide to the perfect Halloween party

The ultimate guide to the perfect Halloween party

Who doesn’t like to throw parties? And when Halloween’s just around the corner, how can one not plan the shenanigans of this joyous occasion? Planning a party has never been a piece of cake, since it requires a lot of planning, planning and planning!

Halloween is the time of the year where you can’t keep the accurate count of people who’ll show up at the party, or the amount of food you’ll be needing at the last moment. The only way to plan the perfect Halloween costume party, is to organize and keep a track of everything that you arrange. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go through this kick-ass article and get through all the do’s and don’ts that you must keep in your mind whilst planning for the perfect Halloween costume party! Let’s go:

1.   Pick a theme for the Halloween party

To start off with the planning phase of your perfect Halloween party, you must pick a theme that you will consider whilst arranging every other thing. The themes that you can choose from can be:

  • Haunted theme
  • Fairytale theme
  • Costume party theme
  • Murder Mystery theme
  • Willy Wonka theme
  • Alice in Wonderland theme
  • Scary movie theme
  • Pumpkin theme

Basically, you can choose anything that you want – be it from the fictional world or the animated world. With the help of a theme sorted out, you can get everyone to coordinate with the styling, décor, food and each other. You can cherish the moments with your loved ones as you all are dressed in costumes. Let your place be spooky with a haunted theme or let the room be filled with laughter by adding up people to the funny Willy Wonka theme.

2.   Decide the date, time and place for Halloween party

Once you are done with the theme, you need to confirm the date, time and place for having a Halloween costume party.Whilst deciding the date, make sure that people aren’t working that day or the other day after that because that can be tiring for them. Ensure that the time slot for having the party is convenient for everyone, because you wouldn’t want your guests to attend the party in trouble.

Lastly, to decide the place for the big night’s happening Halloween party, check out the number of guests that you are inviting. In case you throw the party at your apartment that isn’t spacious enough to adjust your guests list – that would be embarrassing.You can choose any alternate location such as a farmhouse, community hall or an open garden.

3.   Make a list of the people you want to invite to the Halloween party

Now is the time to write down the names of the people you’d like to invite to your rocking Halloween party. By listing down the names you will be able to recall every one whom you want to invite and reduce the chances of missing onto your special friends. As you make the list of the people, you must remember the place that you are arranging the party at –keep in your mind the number of people that place can adjust. Since you’ll be the host, maintain the number of people in the list because you wouldn’t want to miss out on checking on your guests.

4.   Send invitations for the Halloween party

As your guest list is ready, you can now send the invitations for the Halloween costume party. We would suggest you to send the invitations at least a month before the party because people would be needing time to arrange a costume according to the theme and organize their plans accordingly. You can send the invitation on Facebook or via email. Another way to send interesting invitations to the guests can be handmade cards. You can make your invitation cards relative to the theme that you choose and let people cherish your invitation.

5.   Decorate the place for the Halloween party

Having a party requires decoration and styling. You can purchase the decorations according to the theme that you’ve chosen. If you have a hallway that leads up to your place, you can line it with lights and hang up some decorative items that match along with your theme. Moreover, covering up your furniture sheets that go along with the theme of your party can save your furniture from stains and scratches along with giving a decorative look to the place. Add lights to the place and make your place feel lively for the party. Music is essential! Let people feel relaxed and celebrate the moment with their loved ones.

Final Word

Let this Halloween party be a big success and a reason for you all to cherish the upcoming days. Since Halloween is all about dressing up, sharing quality time with loved ones and having big family meals, let this occasion bring a ray of hope and happiness in the lives of your dear ones. With the above-mentioned tips you can throw a kick-ass party for this year’s Halloween and make a bunch of memories out of it. Happy Halloween!

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