Top 10 Movies of 2020 You Will Love

Top 10 Movies of 2020 You Will Love

As we are already done with a few months of 2020, now is the time to get started with the list of amazing movies that have been complimenting the year 2020 itself.

This year, has been about too much lately – thus, relaxing on the couch with a bucket of fried chicken and your soul mate, watching the most amazing movies of 2020 is something that you need badly!

We are here with a list of top 10 movies of 2020 that you will love! Just go through the following and download each one of these to watch some incredibly amazing movies:

1.   No Time to Die

Being a James Bond fan, this is quite a big deal! Daniel Craig starring as James Bond in No Time to Die is about to release the complete package of being a spy and being sexy as well. If you have been following the series of James Bond, then this would be a pleasure to watch, in case you aren’t a big fan of 007, it still would be amazing to sit back and watch the thrilling spy moves of Bond, James Bond.

2.   A Quiet Place Part II

The sequel to one of the most incredibly horror movie, A Quiet place, is scheduled to be released in 2020 as an amazing watch! This time would be even more crucial than the last, silence would take over the entire place and you’ll be holding your breath at every move. You can’t expect what’s about to happen the next moment. If you haven’t watched the first part yet, go ahead and watch it right away, because you wouldn’t want to miss this!

3.   The Assistant

The drama film by Kitty Green, The Assistant, has made its place in the list of top 10 movies of 2020. Julia Garner has been starring as Jane, a young graduate in filming industry, who slowly understands the shady behaviors of the field. She is exploited by men and becomes a victim of the hideous crimes that take place in the industry. It is a great watch!

4.   Black Widow

Marvel Comics has never failed to impress the audience with the most amazing super hero movies. This time, Black Widow, is about to embark onto the charisma that Marvel Comics spreads in the filming industry. Black Widow is back with her charming personality to confront a dangerous conspiracy. If you are a big fan of super heroes, then this is a must watch for you.

5.   Wonder Woman 1984

The woman who has our heart is certainly none other than the incredible Wonder Woman! DC Comics has blessed us with the sequel to Wonder Woman by starring Gal Gadot as our tremendous female super hero. Diana Prince is about to encounter some conflicts and prove herself to be the best at everything! You should definitely watch this as soon as it comes out!

6.   Top Gun: Maverick

Woah, Tom Cruise is back again! With the gap of more than 30 years, the sequel to Top Gun is about to hit the theatres. This is surely one of the most anticipated movies of 2020. The thrilling plot, astounding costumes and at the top of all, Tom Cruise is just a pleasure to watch here!

7.   Emma

A watch that has the audacity to make you laugh and feel potent is about to hit the theatres. A comedy-drama film, Emma, starring Anya Tylor-Joy has been complimenting the storyline of the movie. The romantic misfortunes of an unsophisticated girl have been embracing the plot of Emma. The lavish costumes and character of Emma is just what you need to watch.

8.   The Whistlers

The Romanian crime thriller film directed by Corneliu Porumboiu has been nominated as the Best International Feature Film at the Academy Awards. The plot includes a policeman who desires to learn whistling language which is used by the inhabitants of the Canary Island, so that he could free a gangster from prison. You must watch this and experience an incredible plot by yourself!

9.   Onward

If you are looking for a movie to watch along with your kids or even your partner, then Onward is the one that you must go along with. The animated movie including everything nice and a pinch of magic, is about to embark a shine in your lives. The two teenager elves trying to bring their father back to life and failing miserably at it, is certainly fun and amusing to watch!

10. Birds of Prey

As 2020 is all about madness this time, what could be a crazier watch than Birds of Prey starring Harley Quinn? As Harley Quinn has broken up with Mr. J, she is certainly open to many gangsters and rivals. Protecting herself from such people and portraying her crazy personality to the world is surely a pleasure to watch! Gather up your gang and watch Birds of Prey for a weekend!


With the above-mentioned list of top 10 movies of 2020, you can now experience an incredible time with your favorites at home. Every movie is a pleasure to watch. Let the world of entertainment bring out magic, thrill, horror, laughter and drama into your life. Spend your time watching some of the classics this year!

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