Valentine Week

What is Valentine’s Week and What Does Each Day of the Week Mean?

Valentine’s Day is being celebrated for centuries by people all around the world.  It is a day where you can express your love not just to your partners but friends and family as well. But have you ever thought that how can one day be enough for the greatest emotions of all times which we call love? Definitely it is not enough and it is not meant to be. Valentine’s Day is more about remembering the significance of this feeling and to realize how crucial it is to value the person you love the most in this world. However, such realizations come and go easily in this busy life of ours if it just sticks around for one day. Hence, now we don’t just have this one day but instead a whole week to celebrate this pure feeling so that when the week-long celebrations come to an end, you will have a whole bunch of memories which will serve as a reminder for the whole year that how much you love your partner and how you should appreciate their existence every once in a while!

Yes, you read it correctly! I’m sure all of us have heard the term Valentine’s Week but were at some point unsure whether it is a real thing or just some random guy saying it to grab some attention. Well, clear all your doubts because Valentine’s Week is just as real as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s week starts off on 7th February (exactly one week before the ultimate day of love) and continues for seven days which then ends right before Valentine’s Day, i.e. 13th February. Each day from 7th-13th February has been assigned a name which also indicates the purpose of that day and then these 7 daylong celebrations reach its final destination on 14th February which we all are well aware of. Hence, after this brief introduction, for those of you who are curious about these seven days because all of us would want to celebrate a whole week of love and not just a day, we have a description prepared for each day which will help you in understanding what these days mean and how you can celebrate them with your loved ones. So, without waiting anymore, let’s take a look at these exciting days of the ultimate love week of the year!

  1. Rose Day (7th February)

Just like any other beginning, the whole week starts off with a simple and sweet rose day. Obviously, when we are on the road to Valentine’s Day, the first stop needs to be of roses. Because without them, not only the day looks incomplete but also the whole concept of love just doesn’t feel right. However, since roses are also living things and most of us have finally started to think about nature, what you can do is gift your lover decorated artificial roses which are very close to the real ones. Or you can also give them a rose plant in a pot so that they can nurture it throughout the year just as you both are nurturing your relationship. This different approach will not only make your gift environment-friendly but will also give Rose Day a new meaning.

  • Propose Day (8th February):

For some of us, it might feel like this one came quite early in the list. However, just imagine what if your significant other says yes (which he/she will definitely say) then you will be thankful that this day came earlier and now instead of spending your Valentine’s Week with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you will now get to spend it you’re your Fiancé. Plus, it makes complete sense to have it right after the rose day because that is kind of the very first step you need to take in order to propose someone. And while proposing on Valentine’s Day itself is also a great idea, doing it on the propose day might give you an extra edge in the whole situation!

  • Chocolate Day (9th February):

Things have been a bit intense since the very beginning of the week and so to lighten it up a bit, we have a chocolate day. Chocolates are considered the best way of ending disagreements and fights led by misunderstandings. This is why the meaning of the chocolate day is not only for the lovers but more specifically with anyone that you need to have your bond strengthened with or someone with whom you have had a fight earlier but now can’t gather the nerves to say sorry. Chocolate day is hence perfect for everyone!

  • Teddy Day (10th February):

After having cheerful chocolate, there is nothing better than receiving a teddy bear for a gift! Well, it doesn’t really have to be a teddy bear only. It can be a Pooh, Tweety, or even a cute monkey for that matter. All in all, this day is about gifting your loved ones a stuffed toy that they would love and which will be as cute and pure as your feelings. Hence, this day will help you in expressing your love by giving out a toy which will prove your innocence and also tell him/her how much you know about them.

  • Promise Day (11th February):

As is evident by the name itself, this day is one of the most meaningful days of all, even more so than Valentine’s Day itself for some people. Although, only people who understand the depth of these things will be able to give this day the importance it really deserves. It’s also not just about the promise you make that day but more so about how you intend to keep that promise so only make a promise that you would be able to move forward with sincerely.

  • Hug Day (12th February):

After giving your partners heartwarming roses, chocolates, teddy, and a meaningful p0romise, a hug would keep the fire on and will also soften up things between you. After all, promise day can be intense for some couples, so lighten it up by giving a warm hug to your loved ones!

  • Kiss Day (13th February):

Last on the list is the one which seals the deal for it to be unpacked the very next day completely. Kiss day is all about expressing love while being explicit about it. So go on and have that well-deserved kiss from your partners in order to complete Valentine’s Week!

And then comes the most awaited day of the year 14th February for which now you are completely ready since you’ve mastered in the whole week, so enjoy your day with your lovely partners!

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